Really been busy updating, changing and writing new chapters since my last visit.  It is beginning to look like Yarma’s story may end up being a 2 book set!  Not my plan; the story has developed a life of its own and, like a head-strong child, is directing where it wants to go…New characters are being added constantly and new situations.  Shortly Yarma is going to learn the truth about her birth and the focus of the story will change locations…EXCITING.  

Quinn takes on a new role in Yarma’s life and a maelstrom of emotions are ignited!  

Always trying to keep good to my word, last entry I said I’d give a bit more information about the main villain of the story, William Alister Colburn.  So in keeping with my promise, here is a brief peek into who he is…

William Alister Colburn, the shy and unassuming child that no one thought would amount to anything was now the Chairman of the Belnesse Ruling Council.  And he knew exactly where he wanted to lead HIS city – a power seat that no one could push around….”


More characters – More intrigue…

Been busy writing, editing and rewriting RESISTANCE but think all is well.  First chapter of Section 2, Chapter 7 of the story, is finished.  That makes a total of 5,787 words so far, with a lot more to go!  Of course that doesn’t count the scenes that are written but will be placed as the story progresses.  I am working on “Miriam’s Story”, a short secondary-story which reveals how she became Yarma’s adoptive mother – although Yarma does not know that fact yet.  A secret soon to be uncovered which will change Yarma’s life..

I have written a scene which will give a hint of the ‘bad guy’, William Alister Colburn.  His scene will be coming up around chapter 10 I believe.  Slowly all the characters are being revealed.  Most of this section will take place in Belnesse and focus on the mounting tension between Yarma and Quinn’s budding relationship,  as well as unfolding more about the Prophecy and the building conflict between the T (true) humans and the EPB (enhanced pure blood) humans being spearheaded by Colburn.

Tomorrow I’ll share a bit more about Colburn and give you a hint of who he is….  K.L.

Uncovering Yarma’s Destiny….

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, but I still found time to get some more writing done.  Been working on my new SciFi/Fantasy novel which I have temporarily named YARMA’S DESTINY.

Creating new characters, new scenes and doing a bunch of changing and editing.  It is a story of a young girl’s journey from innocence to a destiny she isn’t sure she wants.  Her story is broken into three stages:

I have completed the first stage called AWAKENING.

 RESISTENCE is the second stage and I’m about one-and-a-half chapters into the story.  Revelations will be made, new characters will appear, a budding romance will arrive and a glimpse of the ‘bad guy’ is revealed!

The final stage will be ACCEPTANCE.  We will be discovering it together because even I don’t have a clue yet!  LOL  The story is evolving of its own accord and I never know exactly where it is going to take me.  It has been a great journey so far; please ride along with me.

Here is a very short excerpt from the beginning of AWAKENING.

“Mama” she starts softly, “I think I am cursed?”

          “What makes you say that Yarma?”

          “I am beginning to see things in my head that aren’t real.  I see them in my dreams but sometimes when I’m awake I just sort of go blank and there they are – scenes that make no sense.  It frightens me.”

          “Honey, seeing things like that is one of the reasons you are special. It is a gift from the Goddess and someday you will know why.”

          Miriam walked over to this beautiful child she has raised and gently takes her into her arms washing her in love.  As she stands there staring out into the future, she knows soon everyone’s lives will change.  But for now Yarma is still hers. 

“Baby girl, all will be right you’ll see.  If you can give me one of those big smiles I love so much, we can sneak in a quick trip to the river before dinner.  You can splash in the water like you did when you were little and I can braid your hair like I used to.  Sound good to you?”

          With a warm smile that doesn’t quite reach Yarma’s eyes she hugs her mother and says, “Okay.”

Creative Draught…

Been feeling creatively dry the last couple of days. It was starting to get me a bit discouraged. Then something really great came my way and I realized this:

Without challenges we would never know what we are capable of. Being gifted the motivation to face and accept the challenge then conquering it is what moves us forward.

So what motivated a change in my attitude? I received a nice review for my book, Random Thoughts, Snippets and Other Things in my email. I would like to share it with you here…

I found this book to be very inspirational, cleverly written and a positive way to help others think about another perspective along our journey called life.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us all, a great way to help others open to a new awareness for themselves.

Fran Seslow. 

You can get the book at

A Reminder of the person I used to be….

… helped me to truly appreciate who I am today.

Sure, I still have my great days, my okay days, my bad days and my ‘I can’t survive this’ days, but I manage them all.  Today I don’t allow everything simmer like a pot of beans until they explode.  After spending as little time as possible on my own personal pity pot, I decide enough is enough.  I somehow find the strength to move forward.  Below is a small sample of the reward I get when I let all frustration, guilt and regret dissolve.


I have played today, I have learned today, I have relaxed today and I have spent time with people I love.  Who could ask for more?  I have showered, put my stuff away, prepared for work tomorrow and now sit in a room softly lit while the sounds of Gregorian Chants quietly surround me with their magic.  I am sharing my thoughts with the Universe and I am at peace.

From RANDOM THOUGHTS, SNIPPETS and OTHER THINGS; The Journey of One Soul’s Evolution

Life keeps happening…

and boy am I happy about that.  The alternative would suck!

Besides a week of being in and out of anxiety anticipating the arrival of my new roommate – my grandson; I have been writing like a crazy woman.

I finally finished the first section of my novel, which I have tentatively named “YARMA’S DESTINY”.  It will be broken into three segments:  AWAKENINGRESISITANCEACCEPTANCE.  I am ready to tackle the second section at last!

So a change of pace in is order.  I’d like to share with you want drove me to write in the first place.  Here is an excerpt from my book:  RANDOM THOUGHTS, SNIPPETS AND OTHER THINGS – The Evolution of One Soul’s Journey          


My life has been spent searching to find that place within myself which brings peace, love, harmony and balance. I have searched for my personal connection with God. My search is not unique.

For as long as humanity has been able to think beyond simple survival, they have pursued the same goals.

In the process of putting together this book, in the early stages of my search I found myself waltzing down memory lane and rediscovering thoughts and feelings I had preserved for posterity. In addition, I put some of those thoughts into poetry rather than prose.

The theme that predominated my writings at that time were filled with frustration, unrequited love, and an absence of personal identity.

Then I found a small piece of my history showing that evolution was taking place within me.

I offer this glimpse into the beginnings of my journey. I have learned with experience and time that I cannot truly see where I am or where I may be going without knowing where I have come from.   K.L.

The complete book is available on Amazon at

Strange thoughts about myself…


There are two of me, maybe more! The one I see when I look into a mirror and the spiritual one living in my inner sanctum.  Although I like both of them, the spiritual one fascinates me because it is in control.  It is the one I must learn to know before I understand the other.  Is it possible that spirit is showing me a window to my inner space?  What a thrilling journey that would be!  I would have two journeys going on at the same time; one of flesh and blood –  the other of the Spirit.   K.L.

From:  Random Thoughts, Snippets and Other Things;  The Journey of One Soul’s Evolution      available now on Amazon at