Who is K.L.?

I was born toward the end of WW II and raised by my mother.  I never knew my father.  One day, when I was about nine years old, I found out quite by accident that my mother remarried.  There was no longer just the two of us; a stranger had joined our small family.  Shortly after that I gained two sisters.  Being the oldest by 10 and 12 years did have its drawbacks.  How was I going to fill the roles of only child and oldest child at the same time?

Because of my childish misperceptions, I embarked upon a journey that would lead me through corridors into the depths of the dark nights of my soul and back out again into the bright light of awareness.

My life has been spent searching to find that place within myself which brings peace, love, harmony and balance. I have searched for my personal connection with God and myself. My search is not unique.

I have always loved writing.  One day I was encouraged to put some of my written thoughts into a book.  In the process of putting together that book I found myself waltzing down memory lane, rediscovering thoughts and feelings I had preserved for posterity in the early stages of my search. In addition, I put some thoughts into my interpretation of poetry rather than prose.

The theme that predominated my writings at that time were filled with frustration, unrequited love, and an absence of personal identity.

Today my writings are varied.  I do not just write about the angst of a soul trying to find itself. I have also written a children’s book and am in the process of doing my first fiction novel.  I am also doing a second book of Random Thoughts.

If I have learned nothing else, it is that our emotional and spiritual evolutions never stop.  It is up to each individual to determine if that growth is positive or negative.  Today, I have chosen for my continued evolution to be positive and nurturing.

Through this blog I offer a glimpse into the beginnings of my journey. I have learned with experience and time that I cannot truly see where I am or where I may be going without knowing where I have come from.  I am also sharing where I am today and what I am striving for in my future.



2 thoughts on “Who is K.L.?

  1. Wow, not even sure what to say, reading the first paragraph and learning information I’ve never heard before has left me speechless. Can’t wait to have a private conversation with you my sister. Reading excerpts from your book and your novel in progress I am so looking forward to reading the completed versions. I am blown away at the hidden talent you have chosen to share with the world and am really happy you have found your way out of the darkness. Love you, Vickie


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