I thought I’d take a break from my novel, YARMA’S DESTINY.  Today I’m sharing a poem from my book, RANDOM THOUGHTS, SNIPPETS AND OTHER THINGS…The Journey of One Soul’s Evolution.  I’m excited to announce that on Sunday, Nov. 15 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Oro Valley Library, Oro Valley, AZ, there will be a book signing event; there will be 22 local authors offering their work, including myself.  For another excerpt from Random Thoughts, please see my Facebook page:  K.L. Franlin/415.


I am not concerned with what happened yesterday, I know that today everything is made new.

I let go of all sense of limitation,

I divorce my thought from any belief in lack,

I repudiate the idea that I am poor, weak, sick or unhappy.


New conditions are being created for me,

 Conditions of harmony, happiness, peace, and joy.

All circumstances and situations are being harmonized.

Wherever I go I shall meet peace, joy and happiness.

Whatever I do shall be done with reason and intelligence.

I shall be surrounded by friendship, by beauty, by right action.


My whole being responds to this conviction.

Simply, with complete conviction, I accept my freedom.


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