Pride and excess bring disaster for man.

Pride and excess bring disaster for man.

Xun Zi

2115 is the year that man’s arrogance finally caught up with him.  It was the Year of Death.

Scientists believed they could control biology.  They took pride in being able to genetically alter nature herself to their desires.

Plants were the first victims.  With their success, human self-importance grew into egoism.  The animal kingdom was their second victims.  Their egoism turned into arrogance.  Their last victims were human-kind itself.  The scientists began to think of themselves as omniscience.  They were the new Gods.

Mankind was never the same.


YEAR 2519




Riona was frantic.  She turned to her husband hugging the small bundle close to her chest, tears welling up in her eyes.  “Brendan, we need to go.  Julianna and Robert will be waiting with William. No one must know she has been born.”

Brendan Galbraith looked at his wife sadly.  “I know dear.”

The knowledge of an unknown prophecy had been discovered several years ago when they were both young members in their respective professions, along with their four closest friends; Julianna, Robert, Andrew and Jonathon.  That was when everything changed for the six of them.  It had led to this moment.  Over the last nine years they all had been secretly searching for more proof of a prophecy, The Prophecy.

Today the six friends believed one truth; that the small soul Riona was holding could possibly change everything and that was dangerous to the leaders of the Councils of Belnesse, especially the Ruling Council.  Even though they all thought that the current leaders and the head of the Ruling Council may appear benign in their self-absorbed sense of superiority, it was the future council leaders they were concerned about.

With absolute faith the six young scholars believed that Riona and Brendan’s tiny baby girl may be the only hope save them all.  Based on information they had gathered, she fulfilled some of the ancient predictions.  She would not be alone in her destiny, but her existence needed to be a secret until the actual prophecy could be found.  Until then nothing was guaranteed.


Heading out into the darkness of night, Riona, Brendan and their new born daughter made their way across the city to meet up with the Newcliffs.  They had arranged to sneak from the city before anyone learned of their daughter’s existence.  Their plan was to announce Riona had miscarried and could have no more children.

At present, all they knew for sure was that she did bear a mark as the ancient transcripts had predicted and she had been born on a Blue Moon.  It was also prophesized that a male born to a pure blood enhanced line would be the one to find The Prophecy and together both would bring a new era to human kind.

Their unnamed child would be hidden away from Belnesse with Riona’s secret friend who lived in the village of Oakhedge.  Those of the villages were referred to as true-humans, not pure-blood enhanced humans, and her little girl would be raised as one of them.  Her adoptive mother would name her.

Riona’s cousin, William Decelles, would once again lead her, along with the child, into Oakhedge.  William had been making the journey for many years stealthily escorting his cousin to visit her friend.

Andrew had been notified the time had come and would be waiting for their arrival. Only Riona and her friend knew Andrew was from the Spiritual Council of Belnesse.  He had married a village woman and they had a child.  His daughter was also part of the future being of mixed blood.  The outcome of this deception was very personal to him.

Riona put their daughter into Brendan’s arms for one last look and kiss.  With tears in his eyes he handed the baby back to Riona and nodded at William as the three of them road off into the darkness towards Oakhedge.


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