Hi All,   Sorry it’s been a while but the Technology Gods apparently took a brief disliking to me.  My computer died last week; I lost 99.5% of everything.  Had to get a new, state of the art system (the one I had was considered old and outdated in technology years.  I mean after all, it was a whole 7 year old system!)  So, it was rebuild time.  Ended up messing with my original site’s look but will work on it more later.  Consider the look as a ‘fresh look’ without all the pretty ‘make-up’!  LOL

At least Yarma and Quinn are still alive and kicking.  Despite the fact I had, emphasis on HAD, all my folders, including, my writing folder, backed up on One-Drive, when I went to reload what had been placed into the Cloud, all the folders were there but empty.  Like I said, I think the Technology Gods were trying to teach me a very hard-learned lesson.  Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way.  I had all but the last several days of scenes for Yarma and Quinn’s adventure on an old thumb drive.  (I was given a small gift from the T-Gods because that thumb drive was the only one the new system would read. Apparently thumb drives can also become obsolete with age.  Who knew?)

So between the ‘gift’ and the fact I had sent my latest pieces to a friend to beta read, which he easily resent back to me, I now have a completed – so far – piece of work.  About one-third left to go into Book One.  Yeah!

Am finally ready to continue now that I have some sanity back, and will again be posting the latest work as I go.

Take a look at the next post, which I’m doing now, for a few new additions I had already completed before I was scrambling to save Yarma’s world….     As I put on my FB page today:

Life can just really suck sometimes – and never at a convenient time. Don’t fight it, embrace it. It’s only temporary – if you choose it to be. K.L.


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