WHO IS QUINN, REALLY? Savior or Sinner

Since it was still early and Quinn was too distracted by his jumbled thoughts to read or watch a holographic video, he decided to go to The Obelisk.   This club was outside the center of the city itself and in a section comprised of different clubs, bars, restaurants and unique shops.  It was the favorite of his friends for drinking, dancing and hooking-up.

He threw on a pair of tight black leather pants with his calf high black lace-up boots. Quinn then pulled on a white silk long-sleeved shirt that laced closed in the front.  He didn’t bother closing the front of the shirt all the way though.  He was in the mood to be reckless tonight.  He let his hair hang loose and threw on his black duster to finish his look.  As he headed out his door he grabbed his small push double edge dagger and tucked it into the sheath hidden on the inside of his duster.  Can’t be too careful heading out to The Obelisk he thought, remembering the last time he was feeling reckless and found himself in the middle of a melee.  One way or the other he was going to release his frustration; frustration for how Andrew had put him off and his strange reactions to a girl named Yarma.

… As he sauntered through the front doors, two burly men, doormen as they were euphemistically called, asked him to show his entry authorization.  Pushing up his sleeve and turning his right arm palm up, he was scanned with an ultraviolet light which lit up a number stamped on his wrist.  Comparing it to a list on a holo-tablet he was finally allowed entry with a Welcome Mr. Newcliff.

Walking into the main area he looked around for his friends through the near impassible crowd.  Finally he glanced towards the end of the bar and spotted Colin and Susie.  Colin Coleman and Susie Pearson had been a couple for about a year and seemed quite happy.  Waving at him with vigor he wandered in their direction only to be accosted by Erika.  Erika Marshall was everyone’s girl ;  she may be just what I need tonight, he thought to himself.  She was 5’6” of carnal delight.  Her long russet brown hair was pulled over her right shoulder hanging like a water fall over her more than ample assets.  She had on a one piece black and white strip of elastic cloth that barely hid her well rounded breasts and stopped just below her well-formed butt.  Her five inch black stilettos put her almost eye level with Quinn.  Yes, Erika would be his salvation tonight. Hooking his arm around her waist he guided her over to Susie and Colin.

“Hi guys, anything exciting happening tonight?”  That was Quinn’s standard greeting.

“Nope.” Susie and Colin said in unison.

“Any of the other guys here.”

Again a simple, nope.

Turning to Erika he gave her a little squeeze and asked drink?  She leaned closer to Quinn and whispered yes as she gave his ear a little nibble.  His two friends just laughed and shook their heads.  Colin looked at Quinn and commented, “You look like shit man.  What’s going on?”

“Nothing I can talk about, mostly Council business. I saw Andrew a few days ago and met the most intriguing young woman.”

With that comment Erika pouted and gently hit his arm and said, “I thought I was your intriguing woman?”

“Of course you are, sweetie.  You are so intriguing that each time I’m with you I just lose my pants.”

Susie tried to smother her laughter and looked at Colin.  “Honey I think I’m getting tired.  Want to take me home?”

Taking the hint, Colin turned to Quinn and said, “Tomorrow bro.  Want to hear more about your trip to Andrew’s place.”  Then, giving him a quick wink he took Susie’s hand and they walked toward the door.

Quinn looked at the bartender and ordered two drinks and a bottle of champagne.  “Are any of the small private suites available?” he asked as he was handed his drink order.

“Second floor, suite number 210 is available.  Just scan your membership number over the electronic eye.”

“Thanks’ man.”

He stood there at the bar with Erika while they threw back their drinks. He then picked up the bottle of champagne and led her to the elevator.


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