Been so busy writing that I lost track of time.  Isn’t it amazing how suddenly the next day becomes the next week…or two!

I’m up to Chapter 14 now and Yarma is just about to learn the truth and be taken to Belnesse where she will begin to understand who she is.  And Quinn?  Where will he fit in?

Feelings will grow as she is living in an apartment attached to his home and believe me sparks will fly.  Yarma will prove to be no shrinking violet and Quinn will learn he’s met his match.

More new characters will become important; i.e., Henry Davis, Andrew’s mentor and Chairman of the Spiritual Council.  His 70+ years will be invaluable in guiding the Group of Six as well as Yarma, Quinn and their generation.

A budding relationship will possibly be revealed between mixed-blood Margie (Andrew’s daughter), Yarma’s BFF, and Jordan Bentley, who is a T-Human and received military training from Martin Newcliff, Quinn’s older brother.  Jordan has ‘unofficially’ become Margie and Yarma’s Belnessian trained protector.

Miriam will, for the first time, get the opportunity to see Riona’s world as she stays with her friend so they both can support and help their daughter.

Each day the story grows; it is now like a living entity which seems to want to write itself.  And it is.  I may start a chapter from my thoughts but I have discovered by the time the chapter is completely written the story has taken over.  Believe me, I’m giving it free rein.  I’ll follow it wherever it wants to take me.   Welcome along for the ride.



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