Really been busy updating, changing and writing new chapters since my last visit.  It is beginning to look like Yarma’s story may end up being a 2 book set!  Not my plan; the story has developed a life of its own and, like a head-strong child, is directing where it wants to go…New characters are being added constantly and new situations.  Shortly Yarma is going to learn the truth about her birth and the focus of the story will change locations…EXCITING.  

Quinn takes on a new role in Yarma’s life and a maelstrom of emotions are ignited!  

Always trying to keep good to my word, last entry I said I’d give a bit more information about the main villain of the story, William Alister Colburn.  So in keeping with my promise, here is a brief peek into who he is…

William Alister Colburn, the shy and unassuming child that no one thought would amount to anything was now the Chairman of the Belnesse Ruling Council.  And he knew exactly where he wanted to lead HIS city – a power seat that no one could push around….”


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