More characters – More intrigue…

Been busy writing, editing and rewriting RESISTANCE but think all is well.  First chapter of Section 2, Chapter 7 of the story, is finished.  That makes a total of 5,787 words so far, with a lot more to go!  Of course that doesn’t count the scenes that are written but will be placed as the story progresses.  I am working on “Miriam’s Story”, a short secondary-story which reveals how she became Yarma’s adoptive mother – although Yarma does not know that fact yet.  A secret soon to be uncovered which will change Yarma’s life..

I have written a scene which will give a hint of the ‘bad guy’, William Alister Colburn.  His scene will be coming up around chapter 10 I believe.  Slowly all the characters are being revealed.  Most of this section will take place in Belnesse and focus on the mounting tension between Yarma and Quinn’s budding relationship,  as well as unfolding more about the Prophecy and the building conflict between the T (true) humans and the EPB (enhanced pure blood) humans being spearheaded by Colburn.

Tomorrow I’ll share a bit more about Colburn and give you a hint of who he is….  K.L.


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