The Legend of Aria and Celeste

I would like to share with you an excerpt from the children’s book I have written.  Look for it by the holidays.  It is a story of eternal friendship!

May I introduce you to…

The Legend of Aria and Celeste

Legend has it that many, many years ago there were two beautiful Fairies who lived in a land of peace, harmony and plenty. One was named Aria; she was very fair with deep green eyes and white-blond hair that blew like strands of silk in the gentle breeze. The other was Celeste and she was just the opposite with smoky dark skin, eyes of rich brown and hair that glistened like the darkest night filled with stars. They were best friends.  Featured image                                                  celeste 1 cropped

…As the sun would set with Aria curled up with her head in Celeste’s lap, Celeste would sit and look up into the face of Father Sky. She would gaze in wonderment at the heavens and the stars; their majesty and beauty taking her breath away. She would dream of the wonders of their world…

… But one day the unthinkable happened. When dawn began to break Aria and Celeste were suddenly awakened by noises they had never heard before and cries that seemed to penetrate their souls. As they looked around they saw that the God of Thunder and Lightning, who had always been jealous of Mother Earth and Father Sky, was trying to destroy all Her peace and beauty and hide His magnificence…

Aria and Celeste were horrified. As they looked at each other they could hear each other’s heart. They knew that no matter the cost to themselves they had to somehow save Mother Earth and Father Sky. They had to!
To be continued…


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