Below is a short piece for my next book


I woke up this morning feeling fine.  I did the same thing yesterday.  I walked my fur baby.  I did that yesterday.  I thought all was well but suddenly felt like I was lost.  I did that yesterday too.  It seems I am in that time of my month where I have my emotional periods.  They suck!

Yesterday I simply took a brief nap around mid-morning and woke up feeling a bit better.  I was able to focus enough to actually get some editing done for my friend and some writing of my own.  Of course this was only after spending some time talking to my angels and guardians asking them for help.  I announced with gusto, “I know I’m off today but I will not give up.  I will still be the best I can be despite my feelings of not being good enough! 

Not being good enough for…what?   Everything, I thought.  But I managed to get through the day and by bedtime I was relaxed and saying thank you and looking for a good night’s sleep.

If I thought yesterday started out as a preview of my monthly emotional periods, today is definitely THE day it begins!  Let’s see, how do I explain all the ugly ‘aches and pains’ I woke up to?

Fatigue – Worthless – Lonesome – Unloved – Isolated – Unconnected – Unmotivated – Hungry

I also woke up feeling…Grateful – Resolute – Strong – Loved – Supported – Hopeful – Determined and Hungry

I could define each and every dichotomy of the dual emotions, I know we all have them, so I have no doubt you can figure it out.  I do feel those particular aspects of being human are relative.  However, I also feel how I handle each one of them is more pertinent.  Do I fall victim to the negative ones?  Do I allow them to consume me and drag me so deep into my own emotional ocean and drown myself?

Or do I focus on the positive emotions and allow them to be my anchor and keep me afloat until my wings again emerge to help me fly into the future with confidence, gratitude and love.

I handle the hunger emotion with food; lots of food! No speculation there.

One other thing I do to balance out the ‘ugly aches and pains’ with the ‘pep talk of hope’ is watch sappy TV.  Today it happens to be a Touched by an Angel marathon.  I love these when I’m in this place.  You see, I get my ‘answers and messages’ from the strangest places.  Actually I address that facet of my learning process in my first book, Random Thoughts, Snippets and Other Things:  The Evolution of One Soul’s Evolution

Tomorrow I’ll give you another glimpse of one of the strange places my messages have come from that I shared in RANDOM THOUGHTS.  It was actually quite an exciting place….To be continued.


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