I thought I’d take a break from my novel, YARMA’S DESTINY.  Today I’m sharing a poem from my book, RANDOM THOUGHTS, SNIPPETS AND OTHER THINGS…The Journey of One Soul’s Evolution.  I’m excited to announce that on Sunday, Nov. 15 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Oro Valley Library, Oro Valley, AZ, there will be a book signing event; there will be 22 local authors offering their work, including myself.  For another excerpt from Random Thoughts, please see my Facebook page:  K.L. Franlin/415.


I am not concerned with what happened yesterday, I know that today everything is made new.

I let go of all sense of limitation,

I divorce my thought from any belief in lack,

I repudiate the idea that I am poor, weak, sick or unhappy.


New conditions are being created for me,

 Conditions of harmony, happiness, peace, and joy.

All circumstances and situations are being harmonized.

Wherever I go I shall meet peace, joy and happiness.

Whatever I do shall be done with reason and intelligence.

I shall be surrounded by friendship, by beauty, by right action.


My whole being responds to this conviction.

Simply, with complete conviction, I accept my freedom.

Backing Up….Quinn’s an A-hole!

Well, back in September I introduced you to how Yarma reacted when she first saw Belnesse.  Today, let’s learn how she reacted when she discovered she would be living in an apartment attached to Quinn’s home.  Putting it mildly, she wasn’t happy!

…Excerpt from Chapter Twenty…

Quinn watched the scene before him unfold.  No one had bothered to tell her she would be living with him – well not with him but at his house, so to speak.  It certainly wasn’t his idea.  No, Andrew had told him in no uncertain terms she would be staying in the apartment attached to his house.  Didn’t ask him, didn’t explain.  All he said was ‘I needed to get to know her better’. Now, why would I have to do thatI don’t even want her living so close to me; he said to himself.  Hell, I don’t even want to be around her.  Right.  He knew that was a lie but refused to accept the truth – he was so drawn to her that it frightened him.  On top of that no one had bothered to explain to him yet what his part in this whole scenario was.   Now, what was he going to do?

Feeling righteous indignation, Quinn made the decision that he would deposit her in her apartment and then go to his personal home, change, skip the ‘family dinner’ and head out for The Obelisk.  Yes, that was his plan.


As soon as they arrived at the equine section of the husbandry building, all the horses were taken care of and returned to the corralling area.  When Yarma asked how everyone was going to get to their homes, her mother explained the use of ‘personal transport pads’, or PTPs, to her.  Apparently there was a variety of ways you could navigate around Belnesse. There was ‘public use’ transport pads that allowed one to get instantaneously from one location to another within the city. There were what Andrew called ‘conveyors’ that apparently were bullet shaped modules that could be attached or detached from each other and moved at exceptional speeds along a preset rail using a form of gravity. And, of course, the city was laid out with multiple pathways doing the simple act of walking a pleasurable and relaxed experience.

But PTPs, were very specific.  There were certain locations only available to citizens with personal transport authorization, and all one had to do was step on a PTP, use a unique digital device and instantaneously arrive at a  designated location of your choice, such as your home.   There was both a public transport pad area and two PTPs available in the equine section of the husbandry building.  After saying brief ‘goodbyes’, each group headed out to their respective places, except for her and Quinn.

“Do you have a personal transporter too?” Yarma inquired as they just stood there staring at each other.


“Is there one for my apartment?”


“So, if I want to use the PTP exactly where will I end up?  Outside or inside your house?” she sarcastically asked.

“Inside, sort of.  But don’t worry your virtue is perfectly safe.  The PTP is inside the entryway that leads directly to a private entrance to my home and your apartments,” was his sarcastic response.

Without another word, Quinn grabbed her bag along with his and started walking to one of the PTPs there in the equine section.  Upon reaching it, he turned around and caustically said, “Are you coming or do you plan on staying here with the horses?”

Standing even straighter, with her head held high, Yarma walked over to him, he held his hand out for her to take and then both stepped onto the pad.  After pushing up his sleeve a bit, Yarma saw a small band with slightly raised small numbers on the underside of his wrist.  Quinn looked at her and, for a brief second, he thought he saw a flash of fear as she closed her eyes tight; then he felt a small tremor in her hand before he let go to punch in his transport code.

“Open your eyes, we’re here.”

Realizing she had been holding her breath, Yarma suddenly gasped in a deep breath.  Replacing the equine transport room was a hallway that was beautiful in its starkness.  The hallway was L-shaped with a door at each end.  The transporter pad was sitting at the elbow of the L configuration.  The walls were a two-toned grey; the top two-thirds of the wall was a light aluminum shade while the bottom third was a darker charcoal color.  There was a strip of tarnished, brushed silver with beautiful etchings that spanned the complete entryway.  Bordering the top and bottom of each wall were geometrically shaped, embedded soft lights that provided illumination as it reflected off the silver stripping.  It was unlike anything Yarma had ever seen.  It was amazing in its simplicity.

“Your apartment is through the door down to your left.  It opens up to a small alcove just off the kitchen area.  The code for your entry for that entrance is XY794.  Make yourself at home.”

“That’s it?  Drop me and run, is that your plan?”

“I thought you might like the privacy; that’s all.  What do you want me to do, give you a guided tour?  Certainly you can tell a bedroom from a kitchen or a bathroom from a living area.”

Refusing to let her suppressed tears fall, Yarma swallowed her hurt and allowed her anger to erupt at his disregard for her.  “You are an asshole.  Screw you.  Just give me the key to the outside entrance and I’ll manage from here.”  I can do this is what she kept telling herself over and over.  Somehow I know I can do this.  Besides, I don’t need him nor want him around.  As those thoughts blared out of her head, she said to herself who am I kidding?  Why does he treat me like this?  I want his comfort.  I need his strength.  I desire him.

Quinn heard every word she thought at that moment as he turned towards his entrance.  He agreed with her; I am an asshole.


Pride and excess bring disaster for man.

Pride and excess bring disaster for man.

Xun Zi

2115 is the year that man’s arrogance finally caught up with him.  It was the Year of Death.

Scientists believed they could control biology.  They took pride in being able to genetically alter nature herself to their desires.

Plants were the first victims.  With their success, human self-importance grew into egoism.  The animal kingdom was their second victims.  Their egoism turned into arrogance.  Their last victims were human-kind itself.  The scientists began to think of themselves as omniscience.  They were the new Gods.

Mankind was never the same.


YEAR 2519




Riona was frantic.  She turned to her husband hugging the small bundle close to her chest, tears welling up in her eyes.  “Brendan, we need to go.  Julianna and Robert will be waiting with William. No one must know she has been born.”

Brendan Galbraith looked at his wife sadly.  “I know dear.”

The knowledge of an unknown prophecy had been discovered several years ago when they were both young members in their respective professions, along with their four closest friends; Julianna, Robert, Andrew and Jonathon.  That was when everything changed for the six of them.  It had led to this moment.  Over the last nine years they all had been secretly searching for more proof of a prophecy, The Prophecy.

Today the six friends believed one truth; that the small soul Riona was holding could possibly change everything and that was dangerous to the leaders of the Councils of Belnesse, especially the Ruling Council.  Even though they all thought that the current leaders and the head of the Ruling Council may appear benign in their self-absorbed sense of superiority, it was the future council leaders they were concerned about.

With absolute faith the six young scholars believed that Riona and Brendan’s tiny baby girl may be the only hope save them all.  Based on information they had gathered, she fulfilled some of the ancient predictions.  She would not be alone in her destiny, but her existence needed to be a secret until the actual prophecy could be found.  Until then nothing was guaranteed.


Heading out into the darkness of night, Riona, Brendan and their new born daughter made their way across the city to meet up with the Newcliffs.  They had arranged to sneak from the city before anyone learned of their daughter’s existence.  Their plan was to announce Riona had miscarried and could have no more children.

At present, all they knew for sure was that she did bear a mark as the ancient transcripts had predicted and she had been born on a Blue Moon.  It was also prophesized that a male born to a pure blood enhanced line would be the one to find The Prophecy and together both would bring a new era to human kind.

Their unnamed child would be hidden away from Belnesse with Riona’s secret friend who lived in the village of Oakhedge.  Those of the villages were referred to as true-humans, not pure-blood enhanced humans, and her little girl would be raised as one of them.  Her adoptive mother would name her.

Riona’s cousin, William Decelles, would once again lead her, along with the child, into Oakhedge.  William had been making the journey for many years stealthily escorting his cousin to visit her friend.

Andrew had been notified the time had come and would be waiting for their arrival. Only Riona and her friend knew Andrew was from the Spiritual Council of Belnesse.  He had married a village woman and they had a child.  His daughter was also part of the future being of mixed blood.  The outcome of this deception was very personal to him.

Riona put their daughter into Brendan’s arms for one last look and kiss.  With tears in his eyes he handed the baby back to Riona and nodded at William as the three of them road off into the darkness towards Oakhedge.


Hi All,   Sorry it’s been a while but the Technology Gods apparently took a brief disliking to me.  My computer died last week; I lost 99.5% of everything.  Had to get a new, state of the art system (the one I had was considered old and outdated in technology years.  I mean after all, it was a whole 7 year old system!)  So, it was rebuild time.  Ended up messing with my original site’s look but will work on it more later.  Consider the look as a ‘fresh look’ without all the pretty ‘make-up’!  LOL

At least Yarma and Quinn are still alive and kicking.  Despite the fact I had, emphasis on HAD, all my folders, including, my writing folder, backed up on One-Drive, when I went to reload what had been placed into the Cloud, all the folders were there but empty.  Like I said, I think the Technology Gods were trying to teach me a very hard-learned lesson.  Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way.  I had all but the last several days of scenes for Yarma and Quinn’s adventure on an old thumb drive.  (I was given a small gift from the T-Gods because that thumb drive was the only one the new system would read. Apparently thumb drives can also become obsolete with age.  Who knew?)

So between the ‘gift’ and the fact I had sent my latest pieces to a friend to beta read, which he easily resent back to me, I now have a completed – so far – piece of work.  About one-third left to go into Book One.  Yeah!

Am finally ready to continue now that I have some sanity back, and will again be posting the latest work as I go.

Take a look at the next post, which I’m doing now, for a few new additions I had already completed before I was scrambling to save Yarma’s world….     As I put on my FB page today:

Life can just really suck sometimes – and never at a convenient time. Don’t fight it, embrace it. It’s only temporary – if you choose it to be. K.L.

WHO IS QUINN, REALLY? Savior or Sinner

Since it was still early and Quinn was too distracted by his jumbled thoughts to read or watch a holographic video, he decided to go to The Obelisk.   This club was outside the center of the city itself and in a section comprised of different clubs, bars, restaurants and unique shops.  It was the favorite of his friends for drinking, dancing and hooking-up.

He threw on a pair of tight black leather pants with his calf high black lace-up boots. Quinn then pulled on a white silk long-sleeved shirt that laced closed in the front.  He didn’t bother closing the front of the shirt all the way though.  He was in the mood to be reckless tonight.  He let his hair hang loose and threw on his black duster to finish his look.  As he headed out his door he grabbed his small push double edge dagger and tucked it into the sheath hidden on the inside of his duster.  Can’t be too careful heading out to The Obelisk he thought, remembering the last time he was feeling reckless and found himself in the middle of a melee.  One way or the other he was going to release his frustration; frustration for how Andrew had put him off and his strange reactions to a girl named Yarma.

… As he sauntered through the front doors, two burly men, doormen as they were euphemistically called, asked him to show his entry authorization.  Pushing up his sleeve and turning his right arm palm up, he was scanned with an ultraviolet light which lit up a number stamped on his wrist.  Comparing it to a list on a holo-tablet he was finally allowed entry with a Welcome Mr. Newcliff.

Walking into the main area he looked around for his friends through the near impassible crowd.  Finally he glanced towards the end of the bar and spotted Colin and Susie.  Colin Coleman and Susie Pearson had been a couple for about a year and seemed quite happy.  Waving at him with vigor he wandered in their direction only to be accosted by Erika.  Erika Marshall was everyone’s girl ;  she may be just what I need tonight, he thought to himself.  She was 5’6” of carnal delight.  Her long russet brown hair was pulled over her right shoulder hanging like a water fall over her more than ample assets.  She had on a one piece black and white strip of elastic cloth that barely hid her well rounded breasts and stopped just below her well-formed butt.  Her five inch black stilettos put her almost eye level with Quinn.  Yes, Erika would be his salvation tonight. Hooking his arm around her waist he guided her over to Susie and Colin.

“Hi guys, anything exciting happening tonight?”  That was Quinn’s standard greeting.

“Nope.” Susie and Colin said in unison.

“Any of the other guys here.”

Again a simple, nope.

Turning to Erika he gave her a little squeeze and asked drink?  She leaned closer to Quinn and whispered yes as she gave his ear a little nibble.  His two friends just laughed and shook their heads.  Colin looked at Quinn and commented, “You look like shit man.  What’s going on?”

“Nothing I can talk about, mostly Council business. I saw Andrew a few days ago and met the most intriguing young woman.”

With that comment Erika pouted and gently hit his arm and said, “I thought I was your intriguing woman?”

“Of course you are, sweetie.  You are so intriguing that each time I’m with you I just lose my pants.”

Susie tried to smother her laughter and looked at Colin.  “Honey I think I’m getting tired.  Want to take me home?”

Taking the hint, Colin turned to Quinn and said, “Tomorrow bro.  Want to hear more about your trip to Andrew’s place.”  Then, giving him a quick wink he took Susie’s hand and they walked toward the door.

Quinn looked at the bartender and ordered two drinks and a bottle of champagne.  “Are any of the small private suites available?” he asked as he was handed his drink order.

“Second floor, suite number 210 is available.  Just scan your membership number over the electronic eye.”

“Thanks’ man.”

He stood there at the bar with Erika while they threw back their drinks. He then picked up the bottle of champagne and led her to the elevator.


Belnesse. It looked daunting to her.  On their trip from Oakhedge, both Andrew and Riona attempted to describe to her what to expect.  Nothing they told her had truly prepared Yarma for what she saw before her.

What her eyes gazed upon was vastly larger than the whole of her village of Oakhedge.  It seemed to go on endlessly.  The buildings were in a variety of shapes; rectangular, rounded, multi-level – some seemed to encompass as much ground as three clusters would at home.

As the small group started to move into the city itself, she noticed that there was very little green and Yarma wasn’t sure what she saw was even real.  Riona had explained to her that natural trees and flowers, even grass, were almost non-existent in Belnesse.  Most of what she saw was artificially engineered facsimiles of nature.  Noticing that the patches of green were strategically placed between buildings and along paths of stairs that ran up between levels of the city, Yarma felt an emptiness in her heart.

The structures seemed to all be white.  As they walked, she realized that while the buildings were all white, there was some variation.  Some looked white as new fallen snow while others looked more like the color of bones that had been bleached by the sun.  There were a few whose color looked to be a blend of alabaster and egg shell.

There was one building she could see off to her right that stood alone and was quite different. It was quite large and had three levels.  Covering the top of the building there appeared to be a structure which looked somewhat like the upper portion of a tortoise’s shell.   Adorning that shell were what appeared to be panels of coarsely ground rice.  Looking closer she saw that the panels glistened when the sun’s rays shone upon it.  It caused the building to almost have an ethereal look, radiating an air of importance.

That one building looked out-of-place from the smooth, glistening surfaces of the others around it, as if it may have a different purpose.  I wonder if that is where the Councils convene and meet, she asked herself.

It is.

Startled, she looked behind her and saw Quinn staring at her.  Yarma realized he had heard her thought and responded silently.  She had forgotten what Andrew had been explaining to her.  He told her that some of her abilities would awaken even more so once she was in Belnesse.  Telepathic communication was one of them.              K.L.


Been so busy writing that I lost track of time.  Isn’t it amazing how suddenly the next day becomes the next week…or two!

I’m up to Chapter 14 now and Yarma is just about to learn the truth and be taken to Belnesse where she will begin to understand who she is.  And Quinn?  Where will he fit in?

Feelings will grow as she is living in an apartment attached to his home and believe me sparks will fly.  Yarma will prove to be no shrinking violet and Quinn will learn he’s met his match.

More new characters will become important; i.e., Henry Davis, Andrew’s mentor and Chairman of the Spiritual Council.  His 70+ years will be invaluable in guiding the Group of Six as well as Yarma, Quinn and their generation.

A budding relationship will possibly be revealed between mixed-blood Margie (Andrew’s daughter), Yarma’s BFF, and Jordan Bentley, who is a T-Human and received military training from Martin Newcliff, Quinn’s older brother.  Jordan has ‘unofficially’ become Margie and Yarma’s Belnessian trained protector.

Miriam will, for the first time, get the opportunity to see Riona’s world as she stays with her friend so they both can support and help their daughter.

Each day the story grows; it is now like a living entity which seems to want to write itself.  And it is.  I may start a chapter from my thoughts but I have discovered by the time the chapter is completely written the story has taken over.  Believe me, I’m giving it free rein.  I’ll follow it wherever it wants to take me.   Welcome along for the ride.



Really been busy updating, changing and writing new chapters since my last visit.  It is beginning to look like Yarma’s story may end up being a 2 book set!  Not my plan; the story has developed a life of its own and, like a head-strong child, is directing where it wants to go…New characters are being added constantly and new situations.  Shortly Yarma is going to learn the truth about her birth and the focus of the story will change locations…EXCITING.  

Quinn takes on a new role in Yarma’s life and a maelstrom of emotions are ignited!  

Always trying to keep good to my word, last entry I said I’d give a bit more information about the main villain of the story, William Alister Colburn.  So in keeping with my promise, here is a brief peek into who he is…

William Alister Colburn, the shy and unassuming child that no one thought would amount to anything was now the Chairman of the Belnesse Ruling Council.  And he knew exactly where he wanted to lead HIS city – a power seat that no one could push around….”

More characters – More intrigue…

Been busy writing, editing and rewriting RESISTANCE but think all is well.  First chapter of Section 2, Chapter 7 of the story, is finished.  That makes a total of 5,787 words so far, with a lot more to go!  Of course that doesn’t count the scenes that are written but will be placed as the story progresses.  I am working on “Miriam’s Story”, a short secondary-story which reveals how she became Yarma’s adoptive mother – although Yarma does not know that fact yet.  A secret soon to be uncovered which will change Yarma’s life..

I have written a scene which will give a hint of the ‘bad guy’, William Alister Colburn.  His scene will be coming up around chapter 10 I believe.  Slowly all the characters are being revealed.  Most of this section will take place in Belnesse and focus on the mounting tension between Yarma and Quinn’s budding relationship,  as well as unfolding more about the Prophecy and the building conflict between the T (true) humans and the EPB (enhanced pure blood) humans being spearheaded by Colburn.

Tomorrow I’ll share a bit more about Colburn and give you a hint of who he is….  K.L.

Uncovering Yarma’s Destiny….

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, but I still found time to get some more writing done.  Been working on my new SciFi/Fantasy novel which I have temporarily named YARMA’S DESTINY.

Creating new characters, new scenes and doing a bunch of changing and editing.  It is a story of a young girl’s journey from innocence to a destiny she isn’t sure she wants.  Her story is broken into three stages:

I have completed the first stage called AWAKENING.

 RESISTENCE is the second stage and I’m about one-and-a-half chapters into the story.  Revelations will be made, new characters will appear, a budding romance will arrive and a glimpse of the ‘bad guy’ is revealed!

The final stage will be ACCEPTANCE.  We will be discovering it together because even I don’t have a clue yet!  LOL  The story is evolving of its own accord and I never know exactly where it is going to take me.  It has been a great journey so far; please ride along with me.

Here is a very short excerpt from the beginning of AWAKENING.

“Mama” she starts softly, “I think I am cursed?”

          “What makes you say that Yarma?”

          “I am beginning to see things in my head that aren’t real.  I see them in my dreams but sometimes when I’m awake I just sort of go blank and there they are – scenes that make no sense.  It frightens me.”

          “Honey, seeing things like that is one of the reasons you are special. It is a gift from the Goddess and someday you will know why.”

          Miriam walked over to this beautiful child she has raised and gently takes her into her arms washing her in love.  As she stands there staring out into the future, she knows soon everyone’s lives will change.  But for now Yarma is still hers. 

“Baby girl, all will be right you’ll see.  If you can give me one of those big smiles I love so much, we can sneak in a quick trip to the river before dinner.  You can splash in the water like you did when you were little and I can braid your hair like I used to.  Sound good to you?”

          With a warm smile that doesn’t quite reach Yarma’s eyes she hugs her mother and says, “Okay.”